Improve Your Outdated Bathroom

Improve Your Outdated Bathroom

Create an oasis in your Portage & Kalamazoo, MI home with luxury bathroom tiles

When you're spending the time and money to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, you want the finished project to be perfect. This is especially true when you're adding intricate tile work to your redesign.

Tile by Art is your local expert in bathroom tiles, providing custom shower tile installation throughout Portage, MI and Kalamazoo, MI. We'll measure your bathroom and design a custom shower with shelving and built-in seating. From tile overlays to a complete shower remodel, we can completely transform the look and feel of your outdated bathroom.

Contact us in Portage, MI and Kalamazoo, MI to speak with a professional about your shower tile installation project; call 269-270-4953.

Why hire a professional to tile your bathroom?

While your bathroom remodel may seem like a fun DIY project, installing bathroom tiles can be complicated without professional experience. If not installed right, you could deal with major leaks and water damage.

Our professionals will ensure:

  • Proper sealing - We use a sealing system that guarantees a water-tight seal around your shower
  • Proper drainage - We'll make sure everything drains efficiently, whether you decide to install an edgeless shower or a step-in tub
  • Proper design - We can cut any size tile to precision to ensure your tile design is symmetrical
Before you start your shower tile installation, reach out to us in Portage, MI and Kalamazoo, MI for professional tile services.